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Francis T. Maloney High School
Meriden, CT
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Deandre's Story

My passion is fashion.

My grandmother use to work at a seam company as a seamstress. She would design and create clothes for my cousins and I. I remember standing at her feet watching her sew a dress, a simple piece of cloth, into a beautiful work of art. I was fascinated by the detail and art that goes into creating a piece of clothing, so I asked her to teach me. Fashion became a way to take a blank canvas and tell a story through color and design techniques. My mind is filled with ideas that I want to bring to life, and with each new piece I am given the chance to share those ideas with the world.

Attending the Parsons Summer of Intensive Studies program will provide a wide variety of classes that will give me the tools and skills I need to break into the fashion world. I will have hands on learning experience, and will have the chance to catch up to many of the students who have already received professional training. This is what I want to do with my life, so this opportunity will help me reach that goal.

A Note from Mrs. Sperry, Deandre's Teacher

Deandre is a good candidate for Parsons Summer Intensive Studies because he is a mature young man with his mind set on where he wants to go in life. He is articulate and well spoken, capable of expressing his thoughts and hearing the thoughts of others. His life long love of fashion has lead him to want to explore many aspects of the field. I Being in New York for this program will give Deandre a pre-college experience like no other.

Campaign Activity
Deandre posted an update
August 3
Post Attendance


A couple days ago I returned from one of the best experiences of my entire life. For the past three weeks I was in New York City attending Parsons Pre-College Summer Intensive Studies Program for Fashion: Visual Presentaion. Not only through this program did I learn amazing information about the fashion industry, how to put together a collection and what the fashion industry was truly like. But I was also able to start putting together a portfolio and really talking and learning about the steps that involves creating a portfolio for an art school. Not only that but this program helped me learn that my creative potential is limitless and help me realize the amount of creative potential I have that is deep inside of me and how to tap into it. This program also pushed me creatively and helped me to become in touch with my creative side and learn the tools and tips that are needed to keep pursing this side of me even after the program has ended. I also have met some amazing people that I know I will be friends with for the rest of life. People who push me creativity and have opened my eyes in more than one way. I also met an amazing mentor name Gene Lankin who was my professor for the past three weeks. He pushed me to think critically and look at fashion in a different light and recognize the potential inside of myself. These past three weeks have changed my life in ways that have never been done.

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity,
Deandre Riddle

Deandre posted an update
May 5
Attending my Wishbone Program

Thank you to everyone who has donated and helped me on this journey. I would especially like to thank Mrs. Sperry for fundraising and supporting me, and most importantly agreeing to be my advocate. I would also like thank Wishbone for working with me and allowing me the opportunity to attend this program. I will be attending the Parson Summer Intensive Studies program for Fashion Visual Presentation this July.

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April 24
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April 24

Because I believe in you.......Go Deandre!

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April 6

Good Luck Deandre!

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March 27
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Go Get em' Deandre! Follow your passion -work hard and be amazing!

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March 20

I appreciate his passion , focus and drive..
Go get em and love this summer's program..
We know you will love !!!

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