Justin has applied to attend Red Bull New York Residential Soccer Camp this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
North Star Academy College Preparatory High School
Newark, NJ
Successfully funded on June 2nd, 2016!
Fully funded!
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Justin's Story

My passion is Soccer, and Science.

I discovered my passion for Soccer in 5th grade. When choosing my after school program, I stumbled across Soccer. I have never actually played a team or school so I said ,"What the heck I'll join the soccer team and that started my career as a soccer player". Though it didn't take a major lift off until 7th grade in which I started playing in soccer games, and got a little good with ball. My passion for Science started in 7th grade where we learned about cells and how they divide. After that I saw the movie contagion where a virus nearly destroys the world. After those two instances I loved science (bacteria, virus, and medicine) ever since.

My biggest obstacle that involves my passion for soccer is coming to play soccer for the first time. When I first played soccer I didn't no how pass a ball correctly, shoot the ball or dribble the ball correctly. So I had to teach myself and master these things. Attending the Red Bull Stadium Residential Soccer Camp will explore my passion because one of my dreams is to become a professional soccer player, playing for the Seattle Sounders FC, or the New York Red Bulls. I believe that going to this soccer camp will improve my skills and make me an excellent candidate for either of the teams I would love to play for. They will set me up for success and I will be achieving one the hundreds of dreams that I have and I will have to thank the Red Bull soccer camp for that.

A Note from Mr. Mitchell, Justin's Coach

Justin has put in a lot of effort to become a better soccer player. He is passionate about soccer and improving all of his skills to become a successful player on the soccer field. Despite having limited resources, Justin has become a much better soccer player and understands how to be a great teammate.

Justin is a good candidate for the NY Red Bull soccer camp because he needs technical training to improve his skills. He is very respectful and will listen closely to become a better soccer player with each training session.

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This camp will be an invaluable experience, take it for what it's worth.

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