Aaron has applied to attend Sur La Table Teen Cooking Program this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Fine Arts
Brooklyn Ascend High School
New York, NY
Successfully funded on March 29th, 2017!
Fully funded!
$295 raised
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Aaron's Story

My passion is culinary arts.

I wasn't always interested in culinary arts. It wasn't until the day I learned how little I knew about preparing meals. This became a big obstacle for those who were in the kitchen with me. I learned that cooking was more than just food, it was a way for me to connect to others. I have realized how fun it can be, not just cooking, but being in the kitchen with friends and loved ones.

Sur La Table Teen Cooking Program will help me pursue my passion for culinary arts because I will be able to learn how to make food that will celebrate different cultures. I want to learn about the backgrounds and traditions of people I may meet and be able to connect to them via food and sharing of cultural experiences.

A Note from Ms. Fendall, Aaron's Teacher

Aaron will greatly benefit from this opportunity to expand his horizons and immerse himself into a program with different students from different backgrounds, all working towards the same dreams of learning about culinary arts. He is a great candidate because he is incredibly self-motivated. He not only has great grades, but he truly engages in material in each class that he goes through during the school day and follows through with his learning by completing homework thoughtfully and asking questions to clarify or expand his knowledge.

Campaign Activity
Aaron posted an update
June 26
Thank you!

Thank you for helping to support me in reaching my goal of attending Sur La Table. I am excited to develop my cooking skills and learning more about the culinary arts as a field.

Success! Ms. Fendall helped Aaron raise $295
March 29
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March 29
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March 29

Best wishes to you, Aaron, as you pursue your passion for cooking!

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March 29
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March 29
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March 29

Good luck

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March 29
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March 29
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March 29
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March 29
Aaron was accepted into Wishbone!
February 1