Draven has applied to attend US Sports Nike Baseball Camps this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Urban Assembly Bronx Academy of Letters
New York City, New York
Successfully funded on April 25th, 2018!
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Draven's Story

My passion is baseball.

I discovered my passion for baseball through my uncle and father. When I was little, they would always take me to the park to play catch. Baseball is a thing I'm good at, and it's something I love. I joined my high school baseball team freshman year and loved it. All the obstacles I come across just motivate me to do better. There is nothing more I like to do than play baseball, and I always find a way to get better. For example, I want to play baseball when I go to college, so I joined my high school baseball team to make me a better player and improve my playing and also prepare me for what lies ahead.

Attending US Sports Nike Baseball Camps will help me pursue my passion for baseball by making me push myself for the better and will teach me new things. Also, I will meet new people there and learn new things from them as well. By attending, I will improve my playing and meet new standards with baseball. It will help keep me motivated in class to keep my grades up and to also show how engaged and interested I am to play baseball in college.

A Note from Mr. Rose, Draven's Coach

Draven has pursued his passion for baseball despite limited resources by using any space he can find to practice. Attending a high school in the South Bronx affords limited resources to baseball in terms of both equipment and space. For example, our school does not even offer a full size baseball field. However, this has not stopped Draven from finding space to throw a ball around with his friends. If he doesn't have a baseball, I've seen Draven practicing with everything from dollar store bounce balls to the elastic rings from the top of a soda bottle.

Draven is a good candidate for US Sports Nike Baseball Camps for many reasons. Draven is a talented athlete who would greatly benefit from taking part in a professionally run training program. The fact that these camps are run by college level coaches would also provide him great insight into what being a college athlete actually looks like. Draven would also benefit from attending this camp because he'd get the opportunity to meet and form relationships with peers from a background different than his own. This camp would be a great experience for Draven to expand his social horizons.

Campaign Activity
Success! Mr. Rose helped Draven raise $695
April 25
Cynthia Cosme donated $121
April 25

It's been awhile that i've seen someone as passionate in something as you are. I'm always gonna be here to support you in anything you you wanna pursue. I love you with all my heart and I know you're gonna make it big. Have fun baby!

Davey Rodriguez donated $35
April 25

My dream when I was your age was to be a professional baseball player, I never had the right motivation from my school to achieve that dream. Thankfully, you have someone like Mr. Rose pushing you to reach that star. It's gonna be a lot of hard work but trust me, you put all that effort, it will work out in the end. I'm proud of you. Love you.

David Delgado donated $50
April 25

Hope for the best from baby doll friends

Denise Gonzalez donated $40
April 23

You got this Draven me and Johnny believe in you 😁

Jennifer Rodriguez donated $100
April 23

To my first born hope your dreams come true and achieve your goals in life, never allow the fear of striking out keep your from playing the game love MOM

Obdulio Santory donated $40
April 20

Hope you get there and learn the most you can but also enjoy yourself.

Joseph Ortiz donated $30
April 18

God bless you pray all is going well

Love Joseph

Hana Rexha donated $20
April 11

Best of luck!!

Anonymous donated $50
April 11

Keep your eyes on the ball!

Anonymous donated $10
April 11
Grace Alvarado donated $50
April 1

Hope and pray you make it to the big leagues. Work hard, play hard bud and youll make it to the top! God bless!

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March 29
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March 29
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March 29
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February 2