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Theodore Roosevelt High School
Los Angeles, California
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Rebecca's Story

My passion is softball. I've always liked softball and playing on the field. When I went to the park one day, I decided to apply for the park team. I attended my first practice, and I immediately fell in love with the sport. I picked up my glove, and when I started throwing and catching, there was something about feeling of the ball in my glove that gave me a rush. I realized I had a true passion for the sport when I felt relaxed just warming up. At my first game, the bat in my hand and watching for balls through my helmet made me feel relaxed. Feeling like it was my way out of the world and into my own made my passion for softball grow into as big as now.

Attending the US Sports Nike Softball will help me pursue my passion by improving my skills to play high school softball. I will be able to play positions that I have wanted to play since I started playing the sport. I think it may even help me build my skills so much that I can get a scholarship for Softball to attend one of my dream schools, UCLA. If I attend this camp, I can build discipline as player and be able to balance my passion and my seriousness.

A Note from Mr. MOlina, Rebecca's Counselor

Rebecca really wants to play for Roosevelt High School and wants to represent the school and herself in the best way possible. The way I believe Rebecca will benefit from the US Sports Nike Softball Camp is by not only honing her skills in softball but getting the leadership and personal growth skills which come from being part of a team. She will use those skills learned to find out about herself and grow as she prepares for the next few years in high school.

Campaign Activity
Rebecca posted an update
August 30
Attending the Nike Softball Camp

I had a great time and am appreciative that I was able to attend the softball camp this summer. I am hoping that this coming summer I am able to attend the Nike volleyball camp. Meeting new people and doing things I love was extremely exciting.

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