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Omar's Story

Omar wants to develop his natural leadership skills so that he can keep rising above the expectations of his community. He’s found the perfect program to push his boundaries this summer at Brown University’s Leadership Institute.

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Omar posted an update
January 7
Two great weeks at Brown

During my two week stay at Brown University, I was in a course called Global Health. The course was on epidemiology, the root causes of infectious diseases which include poverty, lack of political stability, environment, structural violence and other causes. When I wasn’t in class, I had free time for a couple of hours—I had to use time management considering that I was given a lot of reading each night.  During the first half of the day we would sometimes have lectures about public speaking, listening skills, and epidemiology in general. The most fun I had was the day the institute had to be involved in the Ropes course. It was basically a day where everyone was split up into smaller groups and were involved in physical activities which pushed us to rely on one another, causing us to have trust in one another and push us to become leaders to plan out how to overcome obstacles we were faced with. Lastly, we all had to come up with an action plan during our stay at Brown. The action plan is simply a plan that we came up with to help our community based on the skills and knowledge we had obtained, so that we could put it into reality; it’s based off of what we felt passionate about or most strongly about. Overall, the experience was great and I enjoyed my stay at Brown!

Success! Omar's campaign raised $3,930
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