Miguel has applied to attend US Sports Nike Soccer Camps this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Summit K2 Charter School
El Cerrito, California
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Miguel's Story

My passion is soccer.

I discovered my passion for soccer in 5th grade. I was never really interested in soccer for a time in my life, but after that, things changed. When I started to play soccer, I saw that I was significantly behind my other classmates. It motivated me to be better, and ever since, I've never looked back on it. I always train hard to be the best I can be. Soccer is my life, and I'd love to spend my summer doing the thing that I love. I feel that at US Sports Nike Soccer Camps, I will be able to improve my skills and have fun.

A Note from Mrs. Tesch, Miguel's Mentor

Miguel is passionate about soccer, as well as his academics. He dedicates himself 100% to all that he does. He frequently starts early on projects and maximizes his learning time in order to excel academically. This time management skill also translates into him being able to focus on his other passion: soccer. Miguel is a kind, intelligent and dedicated student and athlete who will certainly make a great member of this summer experience.

Without this opportunity at US Sports Nike Soccer Camp, he would not otherwise have access to the kind of mental and physical training that this camp provides. He is dedicated to being the best athlete he can be. He has what it takes to be a great athlete, and this program will help unleash his true potential.

Campaign Activity
Miguel posted an update
August 16
My Thoughts After Camp...

It has been about a month after attending my 3 day summer camp and I really don’t got much to say except that I had a blast participating in it. The coaches were friendly and very professional as well as the other campers. I learned so much from my coaches that it honestly kind of shocked me of how little I know about team tactics and team play. I feel like even though it was just 3 days, I grew a lot as a player by being around guys my age who were just phenomenal. I often found myself struggling to keep up with their skills but overall I think I impressed myself on how good I did, considering I hadn’t played for a club in a while. Anyways I had a fun time in Us Nike Soccer Camp and hopefully I’ll be able to go again next time!

Miguel posted an update
June 6
Dear Donors

I'm only about a month away from attending my soccer program, US Sports Nike Soccer Camps, and I couldn't feel more happy about it. I'm a little nervous since it is my first time going to a summer camp in general, but I feel like it's going to be fun. I'm excited to show off my soccer skills and hopefully learn how to improve them and get the most out of this great opportunity. Thank you for your support and wish me luck!


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