Savannah has applied to attend National Teen Leadership Program this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Collegiate Charter High School of Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California
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Savannah's Story

I discovered my passion for helping people my freshman year of high school. I interned at a shoe store where I mostly had to fix shoes, but my favorite part was when customers asked me for help. I felt this great bliss when I helped them find the exact shoe they wanted, which made them so happy. That’s when I discovered that I wanted to help people the rest of my life. More specifically, I want to help people be happy.

In order to help people, you must be a leader. Attending the National Teen Leadership Program will allow me to gain leadership skills that I can use to help people. I hope to be a role models to others and inspire people towards good.

A Note from Ms. Lambert, Savannah's Teacher

Savannah is an extremely bright student who is always challenging herself. She often participates in extracurricular activities to follow through on her passions. Given how Savannah conducts herself as a student, she is mature, poised, and motivated enough to excel in the National Teen Leadership Program. This program would allow her to develop leadership skills, which I know she will put to use when she returns.

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Success! Ms. Lambert helped Savannah raise $549
May 21
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May 21

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