Carolyn has applied to attend C-HIT Summer Investigative Reporting Workshop this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Liberal Arts
High School in the Community Academy for Law and Social Justice
New Haven, CT
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Carolyn's Story

My passion is journalism.

One day, I was reading an article about 9/11 and saw the different perspectives of the people of the horrific event. Ever since I have been reading and researching different types of events that have been happening around the world, some of which didn't show up in the news. I love writing about what is occurring around the world and researching the current events that are taking place around the world and in my community.

CHIT High School Journalism Workshop will help me pursue my passion for journalism through "on the ground" experience and learning how to investigate backgrounds, how to understand and work with government databases, and how to interview. This will help me to have better skills and learn so much more of the journalism world.

A Note from Ms. George, Carolyn's Mentor

Carolyn has demonstrated grit in the face of adversity on many counts. She self-advocates and has a strong sense of self. She is adventurous, yet responsible; curious, yet appropriately reserved. Carolyn has demonstrated maturity and leadership capacity. A summer college program will be a wonderful opportunity for both personal and academic growth. It will give her a much needed and deserved opportunity to be exposed to a college program and make connections to others her age.

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