Cyan has applied to attend ACTeen Summer Conservatory this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Performing Arts
Brooklyn High School of The Arts
Brooklyn, NY
Successfully funded on June 11th, 2015!
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Cyan's Story

My passion is preforming arts.

For a long time, I was extremely shy in front of everyone. However, that all changed in the fourth grade when the teacher made us all audition for the solos in our class musical. When I found out I had been picked to sing all by myself, I was mortified. I wanted to do my best, so I practiced everyday until finally it was time to perform. Once I was actually on stage and started singing, I realized that it was fun. Since that special day, I have always felt most at home on a stage.

I go to a performing arts school, but I’m in the vocal program. I have been in plays but I haven’t really had the opportunity to study acting. Attending ACTeen Summer Academy will give me that opportunity.

A Note from Ms. Green, Cyan's Mentor

"Cyan wants the opportunity to act badly enough that she's willing to work incredibly hard for it. This is the fire in Cyan. She understands that she needs to improve and she's willing to put in 120% to reach her goals."

Campaign Activity
Cyan posted an update
October 1
Thank You

This summer I attended the ACTeen August Conservatory and I had an amazing time. I feel so honored to have gotten to work with such talented people and to be able to do something I love, which is acting.

Cyan posted an update
June 23
Excited for ACTeen!

Thank you for all of your kind donations that have allowed me to participate in ACTeen. I'm excited to be able to spend some time doing something I love during the summer. I can't wait to learn all the new and exciting techniques they have for me to learn, and to take every opportunity that the program has to off

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June 11
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June 11
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May 4
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May 4
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May 4
Cyan was accepted into Wishbone!
February 13