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Performing Arts
Co-operative Arts and Humanities High School
New Haven, CT
Successfully funded on June 1st, 2016!
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Jordan's Story

My passion is music production.

I've always had a love for writing and drawing as far back as I can recall. I was always drawing in elementary school, and during middle school I took more interest in writing fiction stories. It wasn't until the end of my 6th grade year that I discovered a passion for writing lyrics and I would constantly be creating songs in my notebook. Eventually, I wanted to get more into the world of music and began to learn how to use certain audio programs. The main two I worked with were FL Studio, mainly for the beat production, and Audacity, so I could learn how to mix, and master vocals for songs or just in general.

When I read the description for YPI Summer Arts Camp: Video Production, I knew it would be helpful for me. I am very interested in mixing and mastering my own vocals for my own songs, and I think learning how to use programs at this program will help me to better my skills and excel at video production.

A Note from Mr. Heifetz, Jordan's Teacher

"I teach Jordan as part of an after-school songwriting and production program at his public high school, which offers limited access to professional production tools and even less access to musical instruments for personal use. And so, for our first assignment, I asked the class to use nothing more than pen and paper to write out a set of lyrics regarding a given subject. Jordan went above and beyond: he crafted an incredibly complex and socially aware rap verse that flipped the subject matter on its head. He instructed a few friends to drum along, and made a makeshift beat as well. Jordan's intellect, creativity, and passion are evident in how he can take pen, paper, and hand-drumming, and deliver way more than what was asked for.

Jordan is an incredibly talented young rapper, writer, and producer. Jordan will benefit from this program because he needs real training in the kind of practical skills and production techniques required for a young artist to build and complete their own finished songs and instruction in how to use those techniques to further his own creativity and make his sound even more special. I believe he will uniquely benefit from Wishbone because he is dedicated, hungry for instruction, and, above all, very talented."

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