Jared has applied to attend PGC Playmaker College II this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Uncommon Collegiate Charter High School
Brooklyn, NY
Successfully funded on May 9th, 2016!
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Jared's Story

My passion is basketball.

I discovered my passion for basketball at a young age when I noticed I was taller than everyone else. When I started middle school, I tried out for the JV basketball team, but I didn't make it. Coaches said I was uncoordinated and needed to work on my skills. So, for the next three years I made it religious to go to a park and play basketball with my friends and cousins all day. I was in my final year of middle school and I gathered the courage to try out. I played my heart out and made the cut. That whole season I barely got any minutes. I tried my hardest to impress the coaches at practices, and some days I got praise. I didn't make the high school team, but I am still continuing to play basketball every day. I have now made it a commitment to myself to get better and surpass all my peers and try to become an elite basketball player and utilize my god given blessing of height.

I will become a better basketball player and open up my life to more opportunities in continuing the exploration of my love of basketball. Hoping to become an elite basketball player one day, I at times look up to fellow high school students around the country. I want to become a person other kids and even my own peers look up to.

A Note from Ms. Dass, Jared's Teacher

Jared is determined to really embody the mission of our school which is to go to college. He is on time every day even though he travels from far, and he is always learning in class despite distractions. Jared is a great candidate for this camp because he values team work and hard work. In addition, he loves sports. Having him be a part of something that he truly loves will push him even further as a UCC Cyclone!

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