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Liberal Arts
Young Women's Leadership School - Bronx
New York City, New York
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Briana's Story

My passion is medicine.

My passion for medicine all started when I started watching this show called Grey's Anatomy. I came upon this show by accident; however, I ended up loving it. I was able to see the happiness on the doctors' faces when they were able to help someone. In addition, you get this energy or adrenaline that makes you feel good inside. I had always feared that I would mess up on everything and not remember anything. The show showed me how even doctors can make mistakes and just keeping going and know that they'll have to do better next time.

Attending Centenary Summer Scholars will help me pursue my passion for medicine because they had hands-on laboratory dissections and activities. Also, I will see what the process of getting into medical school looks like and how medical school is. The hands-on experience will allow me to really see what I can do since I am more of a visual person. The knowledge of the process of getting into medical school can help me get prepared of what I have to do and have no surprises.

A Note from Courtney Morgan, Briana's Teacher

Briana is passionate about a future in the medical field. She has been single-minded in her dedication for almost as long as I have known her; her mother says that she routinely downloads apps that show simulations of surgeries, and she is always trying to apply medicine to her high school studies. While she cannot take classes that are specifically in the medical field while in high school, I know she would love to learn more and have the opportunity to be more immersed in her future career before graduation, and I think attending Centenary Summer Scholars would be the ideal opportunity. As a small school in the South Bronx, our access to dissection materials and other things Centenary would be able to provide are limited, and I think Briana's education - and the shape of her future career - would benefit immensely from access to them.

Campaign Activity
Briana posted an update
July 10
Pre-Attendance Update

I’m so excited to be able to experience this program. I know that I am going to learn a lot and have a lot of fun too. I can’t wait to meet my roommate and to make new friends.

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Wishing you all the best!

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Your going to do amazing in this field . . . Good luck : )

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You are going to be great!

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Good Luck and Have Fun!

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Always happy to help another woman exploring her interests in medicine!!

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Good luck, Brianna!!! So proud of you for pursuing your passion :)

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Keep up the good work! Medicine and health care are vitally important!

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