Camille has applied to attend Centenary Summer Scholars this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Liberal Arts
Uncommon North Star Academy (Lincoln Park High School)
Newark, New Jersey
Successfully funded on April 19th, 2018!
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Camille's Story

My passion is biology. My passion for biology started with my fascination for the aquatic and marine life within the oceans. I have always been inspired by science and math so at first I wanted to be a scientist and study life within the ocean, and if I could not do that I would have studied something else with a similar goal set. Ultimately my love for biology came from the ocean, moreover the unknown aspects that make life so unique. Attending Centenary Summer Scholars will help me pursue my passion for biology because it will give me classes about biology and will also give me a chance to find out what aspects create a successful biologist. It will also help with my social and communication skills with my peers.

A Note from Ms. Edens, Camille's Mentor

Camille is an excellent candidate for Centenary Scholars because she loves biology and she has a very positive attitude. In the class I teach with her, she is one of the top two students. As I'm teaching biology, she just gets the topics immediately. She is always very respectful of her peers and teachers, and always eager for a new opportunity to learn. Camille is very passionate about biology. About two weeks ago, I showed Camille a coloring biology textbook that I had recently bought and she was as excited about reading it as I was. As she was flipping through the book, Camille began telling me how interested she is in learning about marine biology. Camille takes any chance she gets to pursue her passion for biology (asks me questions, shows interest in new topics).

Campaign Activity
Success! Ms. Edens helped Camille raise $1,245
April 19
Laurel Perlman donated $200
April 19

I want to help her because she is an outstanding individual. I believe in her and I know she will have a bright future.

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Mary Edens donated $100
April 15

Good luck with the program!

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April 14

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April 8
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March 27

Camille is a very special person and a very smart one too. Since she has this passion for biology, I’m glad to help and I hope she can make all her dreams come true!

Centenary College
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March 12
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March 12
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March 12
Camille was accepted into Wishbone!
February 1