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Guilford High School
Guilford, CT
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Christina's Story

My passion is Occupational Therapy.

In first grade, I had a girl in my class named Katie. I could tell she wasn't quite like the other kids, and soon learned that she had autism. Growing up with an uncle who has special needs, I was immediately drawn to her, and wanted to be her friend. I began realizing how much I loved being around these kids and helping them, and I thought about how I could turn that into a career. Now, I am working on a Capstone project for school on occupational therapy. The more I work on it, the more I love it. It's amazing learning all of the benefits that it has on kids! I shadow at a pediatric OT center in Guilford called Sensation Station. It's such a great experience because I am able to see what it is like to be an occupational therapist.

Attending Ithaca: Health Sciences: Foundations and Careers will provide me with the opportunity experience the academic side of occupational therapy. I will be able to further explore the different age groups that occupational therapists treat, rather than just pediatrics. The college credit will also help me tremendously when applying to schools next year. It will help me show the schools I want to apply to, like Ithaca, that I am passionate about occupational therapy.

A Note from Mrs. Hall, Christina's Counselor

"The Guilford High School Capstone Project is intended to be an enriching activity which engages each student in a personalized learning experience. Christina is currently pursuing this experience in the area of Occupational Therapy. This also happens to be the field she would like to pursue as a career. The Capstone advisor recently made mention how much time and effort Christina has put in this project.

Christina is empathetic and conscientious, and she is known for her dedicated nature. It is evident to me she has the skills and abilities to be successful at the collegiate level and beyond. I am grateful that Wishbone can give her a change to be the best student she can!"

Campaign Activity
Christina posted an update
August 12
Thank you!


I wanted to thank you all again for helping me get to the Ithaca Health Sciences: Foundations and Careers program. I successfully finished the class with an A and earned two college credits! With my class, I met around 10 healthcare professionals and toured different facilities. I met so many people from all over the world from so many different backgrounds. I also got to explore the waterfalls of Ithaca. This was an experience I will never forget, thank you again for helping me get there!


My class together on the last day
My class together on the last day
Waterfall climbing at Ithaca Falls
Waterfall climbing at Ithaca Falls
Mug decorating
Mug decorating
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This is a great idea, Christina. We love you and wish you the best of luck!

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Best of luck in your journey to Ithaca!

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