Janeth has applied to attend ICC Cooking Camp for Teens this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Fine Arts
Stamford Academy High School
Stamford, CT
Successfully funded on May 5th, 2016!
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Janeth's Story

My passion is cooking.

I am very passionate about cooking. I found this passion when I was very little and realized that I loved to bake. I love every component of it. I took some culinary classes after school this school year and I have realized that I enjoyed cooking. I do not have a wide range of things I know how to cook, but I'm eager and willing to learn. I like the idea of making something very appealing and delicious out of simple materials. The idea of taking the ordinary to extraordinary and creating memories and giving people joy with my food is something I want to do!

I believe that attending ICC Culinary Cooking Camp for Teens will help me explore my passion of cooking by teaching me new skills and taking my cooking skills to the next level. There is plenty of room for my culinary skills to grow and for me to learn new recipes to use at home.

A Note from Ms. Latulippe, Janeth's Teacher

"Janeth has expressed her interest in cooking in a variety of ways. At lunch, she will ask her teachers about the food they are eating, what ingredients they used and how it is cooked. She is looking for healthier options to cook for her and her family. She has expressed interest in the culinary work and learn program offered at our school, but could not attend because it conflicted with her work schedule at McDonalds. Janeth and I have had many discussions about the benefits of learning how to cook, especially if she plans to move out after she graduates high school.

Janeth would be a great candidate for the ICC Culinary Cooking Camp because she has a true desire to learn how to cook new dishes for her and her family. In this program Janeth will be able to learn new, exciting and healthier options for her and her family."

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Good Luck!

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I have confidence in you Janeth to rock this program this summer! Good Luck

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