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Technology & Engineering
Animo Pat Brown Charter High School
Los Angeles, CA
Successfully funded on June 1st, 2016!
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Byron's Story

My passion is Computer Science.

I discovered my passion for computer science when I was a little kid. I was around ten years old when I got my first game system and since then I always wondered how games were made. When I got a toy, I would always dismantle it and see how the parts would work in order for the toy to work. As I can remember, I was always interested in technology. As I grew up I started going to the library and started doing research on how this worked, which later found out of robotics, and coding. I have been trying to teach myself to code and how it works.

Attending iD Tech Camps - Los Angeles would help me explore how technology really works, and it would show me detailed workings of technology. It would give me the chance to work on projects and give me the real feeling of technology, it isn't just about coding and building. There is more to it, like math and art. It would show me a new perspective on technology, not the normal things we have in or hands but on how they work, the software, and components. It would expose my mind to the different types of work that there is in this field.

A Note from Mr. Sandoval, Byron's Teacher

The iD Tech camps would provide Byron with the facilities, equipment and support he needs to learn more about the technology field. Byron would benefit from spending an entire summer learning coding and working on hands-on technology projects. He thrives in group environments and works best when problem solving. He is very interested in robotics and the time spent in this camp working closely with knowledgeable college, graduate, and professional students will help him grow. He is already knowledgeable and has an intense thirst for knowledge in the field of technology, he just needs to spend time learning the craft.

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