Noe has applied to attend Outward Bound California this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Environmental & Outdoors
Downtown College Prep - Alum Rock
San Jose, CA
Successfully funded on May 20th, 2016!
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Noe's Story

My passion is exploring.

I like to try new things, and when I discovered Wishbone had a program about giving students a chance to explore different parts of California, I really got excited and told myself this is for me. Attending Outward Bound California would give me an opportunity to interact and meet new people from other cities.

I am very interested in discovering new things and interacting with nature. To meet somebody who is an outdoor person amazes me because nowadays many people are always on their phones. I've always wanted to go out of San Jose and explore what's out of my city because in the city all you see are buildings and cars.

A Note from Ms. Bravo, Noe's Teacher

Noe is very appreciative of the opportunities our school offers, such as school trips and sports. Noe is comfortable trying new things and is able to think outside of the box. Although I know college isn't necessarily his passion right now, before the semester was over, he made a presentation about a college he chose to explore: Long Beach State. As he presented his college, he identified reasons why he would attend, and a strong focus was put on the location, landscape, the outdoors, and some architecture. This was great to watch because most students only talked about sports or strictly academics. He went above and beyond for this presentation, and I know if given opportunities to explore something tangible, Noe will excel.

Campaign Activity
Success! Ms. Bravo helped Noe raise $3,295
May 20
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May 20
Alejandro Barragan donated $25
May 9

I wanted to help because, it's for a good purpose and Ms. Bravo is a great teacher and mentor it's great that she is trying to help out her students in any way that she can.

Maria Chavez donated $10
May 9

Never give up! Dreams come true if u really try keep the gaurd high.

Hailey Broderick donated $50
April 28

Noe - I hope your Outward Bound trip is life-changing and amazing. It will be difficult, but hopefully the people you meet and the experiences you have will stay with you. Enjoy it!

Verenice Bravo donated $40
April 25
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April 20
Outward Bound
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April 20
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April 20
Noe was accepted into Wishbone!
January 29