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Science & Medicine
The Urban Assembly Bronx Academy of Letters
Bronx, NY
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Shantay's Story

My passion is law and medicine.

Throughout my life, I have been through ups and downs, but I never gave up. My passion is what kept me going for so long, telling myself everyday "don't worry, you'll be doctor or lawyer soon." At times when my parents were struggling, our struggle is what encouraged me more to want more in my life and show how I must work hard. My personality reflects my passion because I adore helping people and asking a lot of questions. I'm wiling to give time and dedication toward my passion, that's how successful I want be toward this career. The years of schooling will eventually pay off sooner than I think.

It's a time in a point in your life when you realize you want to change the world, a period in which you want to be the person to change the world no matter what obstacles come your way. This program is giving me an opportunity to further my learning in the medical field or law field. It would be one step closer to success, not only would it give me experience but also a piece of my mind. This program is very beneficial for my future because I finally have the opportunity to experience something at such a young age. I know working in the medical field or law field is very expensive and competitive, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top.

A Note from Mr. Fernandez, Shantay's Mentor

Shantay would be a great candidate for the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine because she is both a leader in her community and has expressed a strong interest in medicine at such a young age. Furthermore, she has qualities that I feel would aid her in her pursuit of one day becoming a doctor. First, she has a level of inquiry I've never seen in any other student. She would often come to my office and inquire regarding the music I was playing, a new poster she saw around school regarding a program or at times just over what medical school would entail and how she could get there. Her two most used words are "Why?" and "How?" Not only does she ask questions, though, she listens to answers and follows up on them. Second, Shantay has expressed a concern for helping others, either through helping out her twin sister or other students or even teachers. This concern for the welfare of others and a need to assist I think are at the core of what it means to be a doctor or any profession within medicine. She needs a venue by which to cultivate these skills.

Campaign Activity
Shantay posted an update
June 8
Thank you, Excited for the Envision Experience, My Life-Changing Summer at University of Deleware

This experience will not only benefit me in life but will be one step closer toward success in life. Thank you so much for your generous donations. I now have the ability to purse my passion in medicine and have a jumpstart in my future which I would've never thought was possible. Your generosity has taught me that there are still good people in the world and when I get older I hope I have the ability to fund someone who was in the same position I was in. This program has also taught me that education is the key to success and a way out of ignorance. This program will also benefit me when I apply to college and I'm very grateful.

Thank you

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