Vanessa has applied to attend School of Rock Palo Alto this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Performing Arts
Cristo Rey High School San Jose
San Jose, California
Successfully funded on May 11th, 2018!
Fully funded!
$600 raised
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Vanessa's Story

My passion is music.

When I was younger, I remember listening to an old nursery rhyme, and completely falling in love with everything about it. The tones, the sounds, everything. I later discovered what pop music was, and my interests grew even more from there. I've taught myself how to sing, play the piano, and the ukulele in less than 2 years. Music is a part of my identity. Music is my main passion because I love music in general, from singing, to playing instruments etc. I know this would stick with me forever.

I believe attending School of Rock Palo Alto will help me pursue my passion for music because I always love a challenge. I believe I will do my best trying to learn new things and adapt to new situations. I am self taught on the piano and the ukulele, and I believe I will do well in this program.

A Note from Mr. Jarrett, Vanessa's Teacher

Vanessa is a dedicated student with a passion for music, drawing, and the arts. She has sought out opportunities to participate in music in any way possible. She is a member of the Lyrical Lions, a club of students who love to sing. As the club moderator, I have had the pleasure of hearing Vanessa sing and play the piano on a number of occasions. She is clearly passionate about music and has natural talent as well.

Attending School of Rock Palo Alto will help give her direction and knowledge on how to refine her natural talents. Vanessa is fun to be around, engages in conversation, and is a good student. I know she will bring this same energy to the program this summer.

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Success! Mr. Jarrett helped Vanessa raise $600
May 11
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May 11
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May 11
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April 5
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February 1