Viviana has applied to attend UC Berkeley Academic Talent Development Program this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
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Viviana's Story

My passion for science is something I can't even explain to myself. When I'm learning about science, I'm so curious that I want to know more about the world I'm living in and what's behind what I see with my eyes.

I chose ATDP because it has the science and writing courses I'm looking for that will help me with my future as a scientist. I wanted to be in a science course that would connect to the career I'm interested in, which is criminal investigation. I have done a lot of research about careers and I feel that I have found my perfect fit.

I also chose ATDP because it has a writing course that will help me become a better writer, because I struggle in expressing my arguments in writing. In order to be an effective criminal investigator, I would need to present my scientific evidence in a convincing manner. So if I have the opportunity to join ATDP, it would't just give me the opportunity to study this material, but it will also prepare me for my future career. I need both biotechnology and writing for high school classes in order to work effectively in this field.

A Note from , Viviana's Teacher

Viviana is a passionate and empathetic student that has drive, patience, and persistence to be successful in the Wishbone out-of-school program. As a student, Viviana works cooperatively with all other students. She is patient and listens to everyone's contributions and also shares her ideas. In class, I often hear her starting her responses with, "I'm not sure I know the answer, but here's what I think." As a science teacher, I especially value her willingness to share her ideas even when she is unsure of an answer. She exemplifies a growth mindset.

Viviana's greatest strength is that she is a fantastic combination of empathy, motivation, and cooperation. A summer program that will help her with her academic writing ability would take her academics to the next level. She would benefit most by a summer program that allows her to continue building upon her strengths and providing the opportunity to practice academic writing.

Viviana is exactly the kind of student who will excel in the supportive and rigorous Wishbone environment. She exemplifies the inquisitive attitude, academic persistence, and passion I love having in science classes.

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