Justin has applied to attend US Sports Nike Soccer Camps this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Uncommon North Star Academy
Newark, New Jersey
Successfully funded on April 27th, 2018!
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Justin's Story

My passion is soccer, which I discovered as a 7th grader. I was offered a plethora of after school activities to join but my top choice was soccer. Although I didn't know how to play that first year, I soon learned to love 'the beautiful game'.

Attending the US Nike Soccer Camps would help me pursue my passion for soccer because I dream of playing for the MLS (Major League Soccer) and if possible, looking to play for a club team abroad in the European League. This season, I play for the North Star Knights and have realized that there are millions of kids that have the same dream I do. I saw that there are players just as good as me, which showed me that I have contenders in this race. Going to this soccer camp will help me acquire the skills to get ahead of other players in the race to be scouted. This camp will help me realize my dream of playing professional soccer.

A Note from Mr. Mitchell, Justin's Coach

Justin is a great candidate for the US Sports Nike Soccer Camp because he will be exposed to the level of competition that will advance his understanding of soccer. Justin needs to continue to develop as a young man and soccer player, and the best environment to accomplish this is at a competitive, efficient soccer camp like US Sports Nike Soccer Camp. Justin will not only develop his soccer skills, but will also meet a new group of coaches and soccer players to help him become a more vocal person. Justin can be shy and reserved, but by being at camp, it will create an environment that requires Justin to meet and develop good relationships with new coaches and friends.

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