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Technology & Engineering
Oakland Technical High School
Oakland, California
Successfully funded on April 25th, 2018!
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Mandee's Story

My passion is web design. I was first interested in web design during fifth grade. My fifth grade teacher had a website that assisted students in many different subjects at school. After seeing his project, I was fascinated, and I really wanted to create my own. Later on in middle school, we had a chance to create simple websites using Wix and Google Sites. This experience allowed me to understand the importance of web design. The accessibility, functionality, user interface, and even its attractiveness can change how others view your site. My passion for web design helped me understand the importance of digital aesthetics. Attending Education Unlimited Computer Camp will help me pursue my passion for Web Design because it allows me to learn and experience computer and other technology skills along with students from all kinds of different places.

A Note from Ms. Robinson, Mandee's Mentor

I believe Mandee is a strong candidate because she is an exceptionally high performing student with reliable follow-through. During study group at College Track, she works diligently and requires no redirection to stay on task, showing that she has intrinsic motivation to succeed academically as well as respect for her peers working in the space around her. These skills of motivation and commitment will be directly transferable to her participation in the Education Unlimited Computer Camp where I believe she will thrive. The camp will facilitate the exploration of her passions in a way that will guide her through the process of determining which passions she will continue to develop through higher education. Through the camp, she could explore her passion for web design and expand her computer and technology skill-base.

Campaign Activity
Mandee posted an update
August 30
Education Unlimited Computer Camp

This has been one of my most productive summers ever! We learned a lot about Java Programming during the camp, and now, I have an entirely new perspective on computer science. Thank you for making this possible!

Mandee posted an update
May 11
Getting Ready for Education Unlimited Computer Camp

My first year of high school is almost over! With the steady progress so far, it looks like I will be able to end this school year off strong, with a 4.0. I look forward to going to Education Unlimited Computer Camp at Stanford!

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April 25
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March 28

As a woman engineer, I am so excited to hear about your interest in computers, etc. We need more women in technical fields - I hope that you have a fantastic experience and learn more than you ever imagined.

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March 15
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March 15
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March 15
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