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Liberal Arts
Uncommon Leadership Charter High School
Brooklyn, New York
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Josiah's Story

My passion is biology. I have a deep passion for biology because I love to do experiments and test things out. My passion began with an egg experiment which entailed putting eggs in different solutions (sucrose, vinegar and water). There was an increase, decrease and no change in mass for the respective eggs. I was fascinated because the texture, shell and other qualities changed. Biology is interesting because it shows how all forms of life vary because of their genetic makeup. You can change one small variable and get a different result. Biology enables you to explore the unknown. There are species that were literally created by man. I'm passionate about learning more about biology and using what I learn to help humanity. I am currently in pre-advanced placement biology and taking the class only makes me relish biology more. Attending Brown University will help me pursue my passion in biology because I would be able to take a biology course from a prestigious institution and learn from the top professors.

A Note from Ms. Curry, Josiah's Teacher

Josiah has a passion for learning. As his Biology teacher, I have witnessed Josiah's passion for Biology in particular. Josiah explores his passion in class by pushing his learning - he participates every day, asks follow up questions to the information we are learning, and does additional research at home. Josiah loves participating in the laboratories we complete in class. I can rely on him to help in the lab, helping other students complete the lab and understand the material. Being exposed to the prestigious Brown University for a summer will only continue his love for education. Josiah will thrive when surrounded with collegiate minds.

Campaign Activity
Success! Ms. Curry helped Josiah raise $4,191
April 14
Shimonah Israel donated $70
April 14

Josiah, I am so very proud of your accomplishment. I've always wanted to attend an ivy league institution, but never reached that goal. You will never know how fulfilling it is for me to see you achieve greatness of this magnitude. I am living vicariously through you. Congratulations!!!

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Yvonne Gittens donated $40
April 7

I believe you'll do great in your endeavors

Faguenston Gilsaint donated $100
April 7

Conggrats! Godspeed!

Allister McKenzie donated $50
April 6
Michelle Cadore donated $50
April 5

Congrats and go forth and do well! Too whom much is given, much is required.

Simeon HENDERSON donated $25
April 4

Pray your endeavors are great!

Carol Ferguson donated $50
April 4

Continue to soar. Blessings always

Janet Diaz donated $100
April 4
kamel anderson donated $50
April 3

Your passion around biology is inspiring. It reminded of the day I became passionate about computer science. I wish you an amazing experience at Brown University.

Joel Tracy donated $50
April 3
Yvonne Gittens donated $100
April 3

Josiah,I'm so proud of you I know you are going to reach your goals .

Colvin Grannum donated $55
April 3

Pleased to support your pursuit of knowledge and excellence.

Sherood Dollor donated $50
March 29

Remember you controll your destiny. Always be respectful, humble and stay focus peace and love

Teshaye Anderson donated $25
March 23

Biology Majors are the rock! No doubt you’ll do amazing. Good Luck! Can’t wait to see what you will accomplish in the future! Love Teshaye ❣️

Anonymous donated $250
March 22

Thank you for being your BEST! May you continue on the road to Success!

Kishon Banks donated $100
March 22


Anonymous donated $20
March 22

Biology was always one of my favorite subjects in school. You are an inspiration Josiah. Seize this wonderful opportunity life has presented you and follow your dreams!

Jason Shaad donated $50
March 21

Good luck Josiah!

Molly Ornati donated $75
March 21

Big congratulations -- what a great opportunity!
Very happy for you Josiah, make the most of it!

Jako Borren donated $75
March 21
Charlette Thomas donated $40
March 21

What a fantastic opportunity! Good job, Mr. President.

Anonymous donated $40
March 21
Tamica Harp donated $50
March 21

You make me very proud. I know you will go on to do big things. This small step will help to prepare you for your very bright future.

Shimonah Israel donated $75
March 21

Such a great accomplishment. I know you will soar!

Leon Eng donated $20
March 18

Change the world young man, no time like now to.

Athalia Ruiz donated $50
March 17

Very bright student. Good luck with your summer studies. Proud of you.

Anonymous donated $25
March 16

I had an interest in biology in high school but started really late. Once I got to college I couldn't catch up and keep up. Hoping your interest and participation in programs like this give you the foundation necessary to achieve you dreams.

Anonymous donated $250
March 16
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March 14
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March 14
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March 14
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