Alexis has applied to attend US Performing Arts Screenwriting this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Fine Arts
Lighthouse Community Charter High School
Oakland, CA
Successfully funded on April 18th, 2016!
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$1,650 raised
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Alexis's Story

My passion is making stories.

I discovered this passion through drawing. At school, I would always make time to draw during classes, during lunch, and after I finished my homework. At this time I wanted my drawings to have a purpose; to come to life. The more I became interested in screenwriting, the more I would write down stories, which gave me the full extent of my imagination.

US Performing Arts: Screenwriting would help me explore my passion for screenwriting because I feel that this program would help my better understanding in the screenwriting field. I feel that I could learn from others in the program, not just teachers and professionals, but even other students around my age and see how unique and amazing everyone's story is.

A Note from Mr. Weintraub, Alexis's Mentor

"Alexis is a great candidate for the Screenwriting program at Stanford because he is highly motivated to learn more about this artistic medium and give voice to the stories in his head. Specifically, Alexis is hoping to write a screenplay about a dystopian world that looks like the 1960's (he likes the curves and lines of the buildings and objects from this era) but is really a post-apocalyptic time period. His story will focus on the persistence of love in a time of war. Attending this workshop will help Alexis bring this story to life - at least as a screenplay."

Campaign Activity
Alexis posted an update
June 8
Thank you all so much, very excited for this program.

Thank you for helping me reach my goal!

Success! Mr. Weintraub helped Alexis raise $1,650
April 18
Brian Rogers donated $209
April 18

Alexis -

Go after your dream and do Lighthouse proud!

Christina Greenberg donated $50
April 18
Lynn and Wayne Delker donated $100
April 17

It sounds like a great program. Learn a lot and have some fun.

Sarah Yoell donated $50
April 16
Melissa Barnes Dholakia donated $25
April 15

I love your journey in the arts, Alexis! Can't wait to watch where it takes you!

Jenna Stauffer Steve Sexton donated $100
April 15
Anonymous donated $10
April 15
Krystle Dalton donated $25
April 14
Tawnya Dudash donated $25
April 14
Amy Dobras donated $50
April 14

Alexis, I know that you will be awesome in this program. I have watched you grow a lot as a student in the past years and I am very proud of you. -Ms. Dobras :)

Anonymous donated $5
April 14
Gladys Carrillo donated $20
April 13

Alexis, you can do it!!

Tanya Kryukova donated $50
April 13
David Perlis donated $212
April 13

Go win an oscar!

Joshua Weintraub donated $25
April 13
Student Contribution donated $199
April 6
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April 6
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April 6
Alexis was accepted into Wishbone!
January 29