Manna has applied to attend iD Tech Camps Connecticut this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Technology & Engineering
CREC Academy of Science and Innovation
New Britain, CT
Successfully funded on April 23rd, 2017!
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Manna's Story

My passion is learning new things.

Being able to explore my interest in technology at a college level program would be a dream because I would be able to take courses that would prepare me for the future. Expanding my experience in the technology field would help me get a better understanding of the different areas I would be interested in pursuing as a career. I would love to research and learn about new topics in a mature and professional environment. A program with a wide variety of topics like iD Tech Camp would be perfect for me.

A Note from Ms. Guzman, Manna's Teacher

Manna is an exceptional candidate for iD Tech Camp because she is very invested in her education and she is a responsible young lady. Besides having her mom as her inspiration to pursue a career in the science world, Manna is also an intrinsically motivated honor student. She genuinely cares about her education and attaining a career that will make her happy because she will be doing what she loves to do.

Campaign Activity
Manna posted an update
May 2
iD Tech Camps Connecticut

I am excited to explore the field of technology. I am also very excited to meet new people and possibly make new friends. I expect this experience to be very empowering as it feels very independent to go and live on a college campus for a week and not know anyone. It will push me out of my comfort zone and help me gain knowledge about myself. I am eager to learn new things in technology at a college course level.

Success! Ms. Guzman helped Manna raise $1,548
April 23
Iype Chandy donated $99
April 23

God Bless You. Have a great time at the camp! With Love Anil, Darley, Ben, Jacob, and Joe.

Anonymous donated $25
April 22

Congratulations Manna.

Joji Varghese donated $250
April 22

Work hard. Achieve your dream

Rohith George donated $50
April 22

Congrats Manna. Wish you all the very best for the program and all future endeavors.

Manjula Bharathan donated $50
April 22

Dear Manna, Wish you all the best in pursuing your dreams!

Sunith Kunjukunjamma John donated $25
April 22

All the best Manna. God bless!

J G donated $25
April 22
Thara Damodaran donated $150
April 22

Proud of your effort to get to your goal! Good luck and God bless!!

Deepak Vikraman donated $75
April 22
Anitha John isaac donated $50
April 22
Binu Chandy donated $25
April 22

Good luck Manna!

Dr. Sudheer Nambiar donated $100
April 22

Manna ....Wishing you good luck for your camp !

Deepu Sudhakaran donated $100
April 22

Good Luck Manna on all your endeavors...

Remi Mathews donated $100
April 21

Good luck manna !!! Enjoy your camp !!!

Alex John donated $50
April 21

Technology is the future

Jacob Mathew donated $150
April 19

Wish you all the best. Hard work and networking are keys to success.

Student Contribution donated $99
March 29
iD Tech
Anonymous donated $125
March 29
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March 29
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February 1