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David Starr Jordan High School
Los Angeles, California
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Alice's Story

I discovered my passion for helping others at a very young age. However, I did not know how to go about accomplishing this. As I reached high school, I was informed of the medical field and the different careers in this field. I decided to want to pursue a career as a cardiac surgeon, because I want to help families be able to have more time with their loved ones. My father was my inspiration to save lives by persisting through challenges.

When I attended a summer program last year, I enjoyed the hands on activities with my acquaintances. Due to the experiences, this program would provide me with medical terms and actions that would be useful in pursuing my dream as a cardiac surgeon. I may have the time to meet different associates from all around that has the same dream, creating lifelong relationship where we can work together one day. I would have the opportunity to network with professionals that will help provide me with long-lasting connections. Given the chance to attend the program will help me become more eligible for college, increasing my chances of being competitive. I understand that the medical field is not easy, but I will be able to gain knowledge that can help others, while pursuing my passion for medicine in the future.

A Note from Ms. Ramirez, Alice's Mentor

Alice is an incredible young woman who moves through life with a strength, focus, and maturity that is unmatched by most young people her age. She is also one of the most genuine and kind people I have met and she truly brings joy to the College Track (CT) program. Everyday she comes to CT she makes it a point to greet everyone in the room even if she does not know them well. This is the same energy she will bring the UC Irvine Summer Surgery Program. She will take everything in and make sure she is learning all she can during her time at UCI all while making great connections with the people around her. This program will continue to give Alice the preparation for college that she craves and deserves.

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