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Science & Medicine
Trevor Day School
New York City, NY
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Princess's Story

My passion is Medicine (Cardiology).

My love for cardiology started in a program that I attend. I currently attend a program called Breakthrough New York, this program gives children of low income the opportunity to attend great high schools and colleges. When you are in grades 6-8 you attend the program during the summer, so I was in 7th grade and that grade was doing an intro to biology for science. I didn’t enjoy any of the days because I was not interested in biology. However, one of the days we did lesson about the cardiovascular/circulatory system and immediately I fell in love with the information about the heart and wanted to know a lot more about how blood traveled throughout our body. My passion for medicine (cardiology) grew when I had the opportunity to meet a cardiologist in person and learned what a day as cardiologist was like.

National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine, is entirely medicine based. This program will give me the opportunity to explore the different types of medicine, including cardiology. Society has made doctors seem like people who only fix/heal/mend other people, however, doctors also mend themselves. For example, if every day I saw people who struggled in life because of a minor or major disability in their life, I would be grateful for the life that I have, for all the days that go on, healthy. So, I think that National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine will not only give me the opportunity to explore medicine in its depth, but also better me as an individual.

A Note from Mr. Rosales, Princess's Counselor

Outside of the supplementary academic support our summer program provides, our students take advantage of many other opportunities; we provide the space for these extracurriculars, but it is up to the students to create the programs and performances themselves. Princess took this opportunity in stride; as a very fervent performer, once she heard about our summer Open Mic night, she quickly prepared a dance routine and roster, ready to showcase her skills. Together with some of her family and friends from the program, she performed an amazing hip-hop routine and brought everyone to their feet.

Princess came from a very large middle school, where opportunities like these were not readily available, especially in the arts. But instead of sulking or simply imagining herself on the stage, she persevered and created something all her own.

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This girl is going places! She deserves more than I can give

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You are inspiring! Will always support you

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Proud of you Princess! Always here to support your dreams!

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