Shyanne has applied to attend UConn Pre-College Summer Program this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Liberal Arts
Uncommon Collegiate Charter High School
New York City, New York
Successfully funded on April 27th, 2018!
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Shyanne's Story

My passion is medicine, which I discovered after attending a medical program my freshmen year of high school. I was able to experience the beauty of life and how the evolution of medicine has helped cure countless people over the years. I've always admired my doctors and their abilities to cure and heal. Not only do I aspire to create change, but I also dream of leaving a lasting impression as a doctor, as they have for me.

Attending UConn Pre-College Summer Program would help me to pursue my passion for medicine by expanding my horizons, allowing me to experience not just the medical life, but college life as a whole. As a junior, I'm two years away from college and allowing myself to get experience prior to college will already be giving me a head start to what I'd be experiencing so I'd know what to expect. This program will allow me to see the reality behind the college life.

A Note from Ms. Chaisson, Shyanne's Teacher

Shyanne emerges at the top of each classroom that she takes part in. In her written work and group participation, she is the role model for her peers. While she has several strong peers that push her as well, Shyanne deserves a challenging and rewarding educational experience that allows her to push herself to the next level of accomplishment. Being exposed to the college experience will motivate Shyanne to maintain her impressive work ethic throughout her senior year to apply and enter the college of her dreams, and eventually the medical profession. Shyanne will learn as much as possible from this summer program and will be an exceptional addition to any group of participants.

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Success! Ms. Chaisson helped Shyanne raise $1,950
April 27
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April 27
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April 14

Dear Shyanne:
I have always been so impressed with your mind and how hard you work. Keep up all you are doing. You will make a difference in the world.
Jeffrey Horowitz

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Justin Pigeon donated $25
April 13


I have always been impressed by how hard you worked as a student and you have the kindness that is required to be a great doctor. Good luck in your studies!
-Mr. Pigeon

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