Xavier has applied to attend Cal Poly EPIC Engineering Camp this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Technology & Engineering
Collegiate Charter High School of Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California
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Xavier's Story

I discovered my interest in engineering and math through my passion for cars. I would spend hours contemplating how they have revolutionized the world. My obsession for the appearance of the cars eventually shifted to how they worked. I began helping my dad fix cars and learned about the parts of the car and how they work together. I’ve discovered that to be competitive in the car industry one needs to be strong in engineering, science, and math to understand how the body shape affects the aerodynamics of the car and how the engine’s performance will be affected by the weight of the car. I discovered that I wanted to study engineering by working first-hand on cars and proactively researching potential opportunities for myself.

Attending the Cal Poly EPIC Engineering Camp will give me a broader perspective of engineering and will clarify my passion for mechanical engineering since that is what I want to focus on. Furthermore, attending a program with students that have the same interests as I do will help me diversify the way I pursue my career as an engineer.

A Note from Ms. Siesfeld, Xavier's Teacher

Xavier is an excellent candidate for the Cal Poly EPIC Engineering Camp because of his passion for engineering and his drive to learn and do the best he can. He will bring hard work, a positive attitude, and passion about the subject to his program. He will benefit highly from the program because, while he has done the most he can with limited resources, he would get a lot out of further exposure to engineering ideas and physical resources with which to study and practice. He will make an excellent addition to the program while also benefiting greatly from it.

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