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Technology & Engineering
KIPP King Collegiate High School
San Lorenzo, California
Successfully funded on May 16th, 2018!
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Alvin's Story

My passion is engineering.

The main reason why engineering stands out to me and is a strong passion of mine is due to the fascinating technological advancements in the world, seeing how inventions such as self driving cars and journey's to mars. Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering has always stood out to me, showing how machinery can send vessels to space and use technology to maintain objects intact at high velocities. My first experience with Engineering was with militaristic aircraft for a school project freshmen year, and learning more and more about the topic increased my desire to be involved with such. My dream is to create and even fly in a space shuttle that'll lead to extra-planetary discoveries.

Attending iD Tech Camps SF Bay Area will allow me to further develop my engineering knowledge and skills in order to be a competitive applicant when applying to college. Not only would it allow me to spend my summer being more productive, but also provide for an opportunity in an environment that could help my interest with engineering in a different scenario.

A Note from Ms. D'Andrea, Alvin's Mentor

Considering Alvin used much of his spare time to learn more about his interest via mostly the internet, iD Tech Camps Bay Area would be the perfect opportunity for Alvin to get his hands dirty and see first hand what being an engineer entails. The hand-ons, experiential learning would be massively beneficially to Alvin; it'd be his dream coming true!

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May 16
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May 16

Thank you all for your fundraising efforts this year! We are happy to fund the remainder of your campaign!

Kellan McNulty donated $25
May 10

Because Alvin is an incredibly dedicated student and a great citizen of the KIPP King community. I'm so proud of Alvin!

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May 6

Keep it up Alvin, you are doing great!

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May 4

Very proud of you. Good luck!

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