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Shakeema's Story

Shakeema doesn’t want to sit on the sidelines while crime ravages her neighborhood in the Bronx. She wants to put a stop to it by becoming a forensic scientist, helping to make sure her community is safe.

Campaign Activity
Shakeema posted an update
August 20
A Career in Forensic Psychology

Being at Johns Hopkins was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life. I was often pushed out of my comfort zone and it helped me grow so much as a person. I made so many new friends that I still keep in contact with, and my professor was one of the most amazing teachers I've ever had. The trips were awesome: we went to a mental health clinic, a sleep disorders clinic, a detention center, and many more places. The workload was not as difficult as I expected it to be, but of course that was only after I learned how to manage my time. Johns Hopkins University has such a warm environment and I never wanted to leave. At the end of those two weeks nobody wanted to leave, but it definitely was an experience to remember. I am now considering a career in forensic psychology! Thank you!

Shakeema posted an update
July 20
Sharing a Passion

In the Discover Hopkins Program, I wish to learn social skills that will help me adapt to college and become an independent person. I also wish to learn the essentials of being a forensic psychologist so that I can make sure that this is the career I really want to pursue. I am most excited about getting the chance to meet new people who are interested and passionate about the same things as me because it means that I can have intellectual conversations with people who understand this field of study. The idea of getting to live on an actual college campus is really exciting to me because I have never lived on one and this will help me get a better feel for what college life will be like. While I attend I hope to increase my individuality and learn to share my ideas without being dependent

Success! Shakeema's campaign raised $2,260
May 2
Carol Ritchie donated $190
May 2

Have a great time in the summer program at Hopkins! It looks like it will be an amazing experience for you. Can't wait to read about it!

Dan & Carol Ritchie

Michelle Conaway donated $25
May 1

Always glad to support the sciences. Have a good time.

Colin Summers donated $50
May 1
Emily Brochin donated $25
May 1

Good luck, Shakeema! You're almost there! :)

Sripathi Ramadurai donated $50
May 1

Shakeema, May your dreams come true! Here's to your fantastic future!

Eron Cohen donated $10
May 1
Anonymous donated $100
May 1


May God be with you in all you do and carry you to greatness. Do well at Discover Hopkins and make NYC proud.

Alon Amit donated $25
May 1

Best of luck, Shakeema!

Praveen Jaini donated $25
May 1

Good Luck Shakeema ! I hope you are successful in pursuing your passion and made a difference.

Paul Roy donated $50
April 27
Anonymous donated $1,300
April 16
Anonymous donated $200
March 26
Anonymous donated $75
March 18
Lindsay MIrchin donated $25
March 14
Elise West donated $50
March 14

Good luck Shakeema! I hope you continue to work toward your goal regardless of whether you go to Johns Hopkins!

Alex Lanchais donated $10
March 12
Susan Schmidt donated $50
March 12