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Science & Medicine
Berkeley High School
Berkeley, CA
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Yeshi's Story

My passion is helping others.

I've always been active in the community, especially when it comes down to volunteering. These past two years I've been involved in community service, which I do regularly once a week, volunteering in many places such as the temple, the animal shelter, and tutoring and fundraising. My family always says "Our prime purpose in this life is to help others." With those words, I wake up everyday motivated and inspired to do my best in life so that I can help others. I hope one day to travel the world so that I can help people who are living under poverty and without the basic necessities. Advocacy for these communities and populations is a goal of mine.

In my opinion, the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine will help me explore my passion by giving me hands on experience in the medical field. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with physicians and see how they diagnose patients and decide best form of treatment. I will also get to see how the healthcare system and hospitals work. My career trajectory is to become a physician. This program will help me explore different medical specialties. I will also have the opportunity to learn about new technological advancements in medicine.

A Note from Ms. Monroy, Yeshi's Counselor

Yeshi has excelled in Berkeley by immersing himself in a multitude of communities, and taking a genuine interest in meeting people. He's become a strong representative and ambassador for his small learning community, Arts and Humanities Academy, and the English Learner's Department.
Yeshi thrives in social environments, and seeks opportunities in which he can help his fellow peers. His interest in medicine can be seen by the way he prioritizes human emotion and substantive relationships. Yeshi would make a great candidate for the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine simply because he has an authentic appreciation for human life and human interaction. Growing up in India, and later moving to Berkeley, Yeshi has developed a very unique perspective on equality and equity. He's learned to navigate through two very opposing worlds whilst advocate for himself and fellow peers along the way.

Campaign Activity
Yeshi posted an update
July 7
Thank you

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for helping me to get to this program. I appreciate your support in helping me complete my campaign. Without your help, my family wouldn't be able afford this program. I'm just filled with happiness because I'm about to experience this opportunity that most people don't get. Also, I'm really excited that this program is just couple week away and I can't wait to learn new things. Thank you so much again for supporting me.

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Pursue your dreams

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because you're awesome and I know it!

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Good luck and all the best Yeshi!

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He is one of my husband friend's Son. And I trust him that he can do best in studies to reach his goal.

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