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Business & Law
Lighthouse Community Charter High School
Lathrop, CA
Successfully funded on May 8th, 2016!
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Adrian's Story

My passion is politics.

This discovery came after years of my father watching CNN combined with my curiosity for how governments and businesses run countries. At first I thought it was boring, but over time I began to ask questions and try to understand what was happening. Now that I am older, I enjoy gaining information about countries and how businesses influence people to make decisions, whether it be for better or worse.

Economics for Leaders seems like the ideal program to further my passion for politics. This program will give me the skills to become a vocal leader in our world. This ranges from being a prominent politician who can influence and change the country to a leader who can make important decisions that will help the community of Oakland. Whatever it will be, I know that Economics for Leaders will help me decide if I want to study Political Science in college.

A Note from Ms. Stoehr, Adrian's Teacher

"Adrian is an outstanding candidate for Economics for Leaders. He has a true passion for learning and thrives on academic challenge, qualities he demonstrates daily in his leadership of group activities, his participation in discussions and debates, and the constant research he does on his own about topics we are studying in class. Furthermore, Adrian is a natural leader who will rise into a position of leadership in whatever path he chooses in life. Peers and adults are drawn to his friendly, easygoing nature, sincere curiosity, respectful demeanor, and serious responsibility that he brings to every aspect of his life, from completing his school work to caring for his siblings."

Campaign Activity
Adrian posted an update
July 11
Economics for Leaders Experience

I want to begin with how glad I am that I was able to attend this summer program at UC Berkeley. Throughout the week I made connections and bonds with everybody in the program. This was possible because everybody was so kind, easygoing, and open-minded. Additionally as our bonds strengthened, there were some great moments where we exhibited cooperation, humor, and great empathy. When the last day came, many of us were crestfallen because we were most likely never going to see each other again. These people we weren't going to see again became family within a short week.

What I also enjoyed was the fact that we had our economic lectures and workshops in the morning with breaks in between. This allowed us to get up and stretch so we wouldn't get bored or irritated sitting. After lunch from 12:00-1:00 we usually would split into groups and complete activities that required us to take leadership and reflect on what we could've done better. We then would debrief as a whole group and go off for free time and dinner until about 6:30. At the end of the day we come back together and do more reflections and check-ins before we departed for another hour of free time. For the most part, each day was pretty much similar to the other. On one of the days we had to dress in business casual for dinner with Russ Roberts and a few guests. Russ Roberts is an economist who received an award from FTE for his work. On the last day we took a couple of surveys and did a few more activities to close the day. To conclude the night we had a party where we danced, talked and enjoyed each others presence for the last time.

There were many different bear statues. This was one of the bigger ones that I saw.
There were many different bear statues. This was one of the bigger ones that I saw.
We divided into our behavioral style so we had to decide on a group name and image.
We divided into our behavioral style so we had to decide on a group name and image.
Success! Ms. Stoehr helped Adrian raise $1,100
May 8
Valerie Arroyos donated $71
May 8

We are so proud of you!!! We know you will be great at anything that you do!! We love you!! ❤️❤️❤️

Daniel Acosta donated $70
May 8

Congrats mijo!! We are all proud of you.

Adrianna Maciel donated $50
May 6

Keep up the amazing work! Can't wait to see what great changes you will make in the world.

Dawn Gleiter donated $25
May 5

Because I was once the kid with dreams I could not afford.

Alethea Brown donated $15
May 5
Yvette Acosta donated $100
May 5

Adrian, this donation is on behalf of grandpa- Blas Bueno.
He is very proud of you.

Anonymous donated $50
May 5
Sreedhari Desai donated $25
May 5

You go, Adrian! Follow your passion!

Damian Wisniewski donated $25
May 4
Elana Feldman donated $15
May 4
Iro Bueno donated $100
May 4

I wish you the best of Luck Adrian. Your doing a GREAT job in your studies. Hard Work will payoff. Keep it up !!

Neftali Rosado donated $20
April 27

The sky is the limit......

Rosario Trujillo donated $20
April 26
Idalia Bueno donated $40
April 26

We are very proud of you mijo :) love you and keep up the good work

Imelda Bueno donated $25
April 26

It is great to see that our family's youth is striving! Keep up the good work :)

Parker Thomas donated $25
April 26

Happy to see someone pursuing passion and we need all the help we can get in politics in this country.

Heather Waters donated $100
April 25


Lauren and Robbie Hofmayer/Torney donated $25
April 25

Explore and find your passion!

Jenna Stauffer Steve Sexton donated $50
April 24

I'm so excited that you are eager to learn about politics. I look forward to working on your campaign some day!

Megan Stoehr donated $50
April 18
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April 11
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April 11
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