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Technology & Engineering
Galileo Academy of Science & Technology
San Francisco, CA
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Bin's Story

My passion is engineering.

Attending the iD Tech Camps SF Bay Area program will help me pursue my passion for engineering because I will get to learn more about the different fields of engineering. This experience will help me determine which area is the best fit for my future career. One of the many things I love about engineering is it gives me the opportunity to improve my skills everyday and I can't wait to learn more at this program.

A Note from Ms. Justafort, Bin's Mentor

Bin would be a great candidate for iD Tech Camps SF Bay Area because not only is he extremely passionate about the subject matter, but he has also put in an immense amount of energy and work into learning more about engineering. He asks all of the necessary questions in order to further enhance his understanding of the subject. If resources and help are out there, Bin will not only find it, but take full advantage of it in every way possible. I believe this will not only make him a great candidate for the program, but also enhance the program as he will bring his new ideas and perspectives in ways that will influence those around him.

Campaign Activity
Bin posted an update
July 13
iD Tech is really fun

In Stanford, I took game design and development 101 class. The instructor in iD tech had fake names at the beginning of the class and in the end told us their names. I made the Great Wall of China as my design and made a level for the game. It was really fun. Thank you for your support!

Bin posted an update
June 27
To Live is to Believe That You can Do It..

Thank you for all your support and making iD Tech a reality for me. This summer, I will be attending iD Tech from June 25 to June 30. In those days, I will be learning about game design and how it is developed. Through this program, I will be able to gain a better understanding of my major, Computer Science, and will help me determine my interest in game design.

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April 16
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April 16

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Mamata Thapa Magar donated $200
April 11

He is a good boy. I am proud of him.

Kingston Chua donated $10
April 11

Bin always challenges himself to overcome the obstacles he faces. I personally witnessed how he has grown both as a student and a person over the years I known him. I am proud to know such a person as Bin. I know that Bin will put mine and everyone else's support to good use.

Rupesh Thapamagar donated $299
March 23

He is a honest, brilliant & helpful person.

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March 21
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March 21
iD Tech
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March 21
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March 21
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February 1