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Fine Arts
Aspire Golden State College Preparatory Academy
Oakland, California
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Gabriela's Story

My passion is art.

Since I was little, I have always been one of those kids who would doodle everywhere. One of my fondest moments was Mother's Day when I was about 9. I couldn't drive to the store to buy a gift, so instead, I created something at home. I planned my gift to her for a whole week, and in my eyes it had to be perfect. The idea was to write a letter and draw her as a princess. It was my personal project, and everyday after school I would work on it. I would constantly search up new ways to draw the perfect princess with different art techniques. Once I was done with my drawing I was so nervous to show it, but when I did, my mom was rejoiced with happiness. She complimented my artwork, and since that day art has been a big part of my life.

My school is a small charter school that does not have the resources for most students to actually take classes in something that interests them such as art. I've been self teaching myself on how to improve my skills through YouTube videos. Although videos and tutorials have been a big help I've have always wanted to experience art with others who are as passionate about it as me. Getting accepted into the Academy of Arts Summer Pre-College program would be a huge opportunity for me; It would allow me to be able to see what a major in art would look like. While also experiencing a once in a lifetime opportunity where I could learn from others, and keep growing individually as well. I'd be breaking the barriers at my school to aspire others to advocate for themselves, and persevere through hardships to find themselves and possible career options.

A Note from Ms. Foster, Gabriela's Coach

Gabriela is one of the most dynamic young women I have encountered in my time at Golden State Prep. She is detail oriented, pensive and creative. In my time teaching her in BUILD class, Gabriela was the driving force of her business team. Their product earned high accolades for innovation, and Gabriela was a huge factor in making sure her product had integrity and value. She used her outside internship as a resource for her BUILD project - something I have never seen a student do in the past. Gabriela is not only resourceful, she is passionate and diligent. It has been a pleasure getting to know Gabriela, I look forward to our continued mentor/mentee relationship.

Gabriela is an excellent asset to any learning/working community. Gabriela has always had an appreciation and passion for art. Golden State Prep doesn't offer many Art classes, so the Academy of Art Summer Pre-College Art Experience is a perfect opportunity for Gabriela.

Campaign Activity
Gabriela posted an update
August 16
Best Summer

This summer was the best! I got to work along side some really talented students. The classes were an extreme success I got to learn so much about taking pictures and my drawings skills improved so much. This program has gotten me more interested in taking on more art classes and being more artistic with my photography. Overall it was an amazing opportunity all thanks to those who donated.

Gabriela posted an update
August 16
Thank You

Thank you to everyone who donated! I'm extremely excited for my classes in the summer. I just got notice that I'll be able to check out a professional camera for my photography class! I'm looking forward to having amazing photo-shoots and working with some really cool equipment. Once again this dream wasn't made possible without the help of your generous donation so thank you to those who donated.

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May 10
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May 10

your amazing!

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May 8

I wish you the best and I hope you learn a lot of new things!

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✨The reason why i donated you is because YOU MY BEST FRANND!! 💕I love supporting the people that i love and care about the most 💖

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