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Pamela's Story

My passion is to learn about bioscience. I’ve always been fascinated with the human body and its functions, especially those involving microorganisms. Knowing that I might be able to study diseases someday and find cures really excites me. I’m willing to work hard to reach my goal.

Before my family decided to move to the United States, we lived in West Africa. There, medical care was expensive and many families could not afford it. Diseases such as HIV, diabetes, and malaria were the most prominent cause of deaths. Witnessing this has made me want to study bioscience and find cures to diseases.

A Note from , Pamela's Teacher

Pamela is a model student. She is always respectful and puts others in front of her.

She is incredibly responsible and organized. Even [when she was] in 9th grade, I already felt she had the skills necessary for college.

Pamela is one of the most brilliant students I've encountered in 13 years.

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Pamela posted an update
April 1
Thank you

Medicine has been a long-time goal of mine because I want to save lives. I eagerly await to start the program because it will take me closer to my future career. I thank you for your support and generosity because without your donation, I would not be able to attend the program. Just as I hope to one day be a pillar to people, you provide me with an anchor.

Success! Pamela's campaign raised $2,895
April 1
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