Jessica has applied to attend Business Summer Academy at Adelphi this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
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Jessica's Story

Attending this program will give me a sense of how to get started with college. This program will help me have an easier transition from high school to college. This program is also about helping you take ownership of your goals, which means I will make my own goals and accomplish them and have a plan on how to make my goals happen. This will be a very helpful tool for college, because whenever I need to set goals for myself, I will have ways to reach the goals I want to complete.

What sets me apart from other candidates is that I am flexible and do not take any opportunities for granted. In this day and age, we are provided with many pathways for success, but rarely do I see any of my peers taking advantage of them and striving to improve themselves. I hope you can understand how much this opportunity means to me and I can assure you that I will make the most of it.

A Note from , Jessica's Teacher

Jessica is an 11th grader and is an all around great girl She is a solid 90 average student, participates in several after school programs, and stars on our rugby team.

Jessica is applying to a summer peer leadership program at USC. This program will help her maximize her leadership potential and help deepen her cultural awareness. Jessica is one great summer experience away from possessing the complete package.

Campaign Activity
Jessica posted an update
July 7
Off to College!

I wanted to update you to let you know that I will be going to college next year! I will be attending St. Bonaventure University where I will be studying Business Management and Communication. I want to thank you again for supporting me last summer in attending the Business Summer Academy at Adelphi program.  I can't wait to continue working hard as a college student. Thank you again!

Jessica posted an update
April 1
Thank you

I would like to thank all my donors for giving me the opportunity of receiving an education that will help for college and my degree. Business is my dream field and with the Adelphi summer program, I can attend class and receive college credit. I will be a step ahead of my classmates! Adelphi is my dream college and I can't wait to get to know the campus!

Success! Jessica's campaign raised $1,900
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