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Performing Arts
Summit Public Schools - Shasta
Daly City, CA
Successfully funded on May 9th, 2016!
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John's Story

My passion is performing arts.

I took drama as my extracurricular for freshman year, and it just instantly clicked. I never thought I would be one to like drama, but when I ended up as a lead role and performed a play in front of my class with the reaction they gave, it was one of the most exciting things. At this point, I realized that I have always loved entertaining people by going out of my way to make someone smile or laugh (sometimes this got me in trouble), which explains why drama fit in so easily for me. I continue to pursue drama to this day, in sophomore year my skill has improved immensely with many performances and I continue to work on different approaches in dramatic arts.

Attending this Education Unlimited California Actors Workshop won't only help me explore in my passion for drama, but get one step closer to my goal in becoming a professional at dramatic arts, such as an actor. This program gives students a chance to shine, and I don't admit this to people, but I love to be on the spotlight and entertain a crowd. Meeting others who have the same passion as I do will no doubt be very fun and exciting.

A Note from Mr. Kyle, John's Teacher

"John took advantage of every single opportunity offered in my drama/improv class. He was fearless: the first to get up and volunteer for a new improv exercise, the one to jump at the lead roles in our plays and reenact some of the most difficult scenes from film (that he found on his own). And not only that, he excelled at every single one of those things. John has an INCREDIBLE amount of raw, innate talent and I want for him to be able to cultivate these talents. Education Unlimited California Actors Workshop is the perfect fit to help him do that. He will go on to do amazing things as an actor/performer."

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I believe in Jason's eye for talent. Good luck!

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