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Technology & Engineering
Life Academy of Health and Bioscience
Oakland, CA
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Juan's Story

My passion is engineering.

Engineering it what I want to do in the future. To me, engineering is a very cool and exciting topic that my school doesn't offer and I'm really interested in the line of work. I got introduced to engineering when in elementary school the school I was attending invited multiple people from the community to come and talk about their careers. I was introduced to an engineer who showed how he gets to work on windmills that produce energy for a lot of cities in the bay area and I thought that it was a very interesting thing to do for a career and so I would like to pursue my interest in engineering through iD Tech Camp.

A Note from Ms. Christensen, Juan's Teacher

Juan has a strong interest in engineering and seeks outside programs to supplement his general high school academics. He is a dedicated student and sincere in his efforts to receive the best possible education. He has established a goal of attending a university to study engineering and would greatly benefit from additional instruction in the area so that he can be fully prepared to meet the collegiate expectations when the time comes.

Campaign Activity
Juan posted an update
May 5
Pre-Attendance Update

This summer, I will be participating in the iD Tech Camp. I am eager to be joining the program because it will give me more hands-on experience in the area I want to focus on in the future. At school, there aren't a lot of opportunities for me to actually be able to practice my skills; however, I feel and know that this program will strengthen the skills I have in engineering and technology, and also help me build other skills.

I chose this program because I have always been passionate about how many pieces work together in order to form one great object. I believe that by participating in this program, it will help me gain better insight on what I have to be prepared for in the future, and also if I am willing to be surrounded with that type of equipment for many years.

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April 11
Carole Bakshi donated $72
April 11

Go Juan! Sounds like a great summer program

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Teresa Gonzalez donated $50
April 4

An Anonymous Donor matched this donation with $50

Anonymous donated $100
April 1

I love hearing young men talk about engineering being "cool" and "exciting." I am thrilled to support you in pursuing your passion, stretching your mind, and making your community proud. !Buen suerte!

Ramon Nuno Rodriguez donated $80
March 30

Soy Johana y Laura Velarde . Suerte !!

Ana Vazquez donated $100
March 30

Mi Juanito hermoso q Dios bendiga tu talentos estoy orgullosa de ti❤

Wynne Sarran donated $25
March 30

Enjoy your summer program Juan! I work with your mother and she is very proud of you.

Caroline Jones donated $100
March 30
Mayela Baires donated $25
March 29
Teresa Gonzalez donated $5
March 28

Suerte sigue adelante...att Adriana (la vecina🙂)

Dana Welsh donated $50
March 28

Good luck!

Paulina Cardenas donated $50
March 26

Estamos muy orgullosos de ti sige Adelante con tus metas Te queremos Mucho Tus Tios Rojas y Pau! Y Buena Suerte en Todo 👍

Ramon Nuno Rodriguez donated $25
March 26

Muy bien Juan 😃

Jose Garcia donated $25
March 26

Eso es todo Juanjo!

Ramon Nuno Rodriguez donated $25
March 26

Suerte !!

Kaitlyn Barron-Shashok donated $25
March 26
Al Hammond donated $25
March 25

hey lil' bro, can you engineer a dodgers World Series victory for me?

Fermin Munoz donated $25
March 25
Gonzalo Gomez donated $200
March 25

Echale muchas ganas mi chavo que nesecitamos ingenieros latinos. Y yo se que tu lo lograras porque eres muy inteligente humilde y dedicado y sobre todo te encantan las matematicas saludos de los gomez good luck

Kathryn Rohrer donated $50
March 24

Have a great time at tech camp. I work with your mom and she is very proud of you!

Carlos Cabana donated $25
March 23
Anna Bees donated $20
March 22

Keep reaching for your dreams Juan! We need more scientists in the world!

Jordi Gutierrez donated $1
March 22


Sergio Padilla donated $25
March 21

Good luck Juan you inspire me.

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March 20
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March 20
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