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Science & Medicine
Science and Technology Magnet High School
New London, CT
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Luisanny's Story

I discovered my passion for medicine when i was in the 7th grade. We were learning about the human body system and how they all interact. I enjoy science, and I really like the idea of improving a persons life. I want to have the opportunity to help people who don't have money or an insurance policy in reach. As a career, I would like to specify in the obstetrics gynecologist field. With a degree in medicine, I would like to go to a country that is living in poverty and offer my service as an OBGYN. My education is very important to me, and my sister and I will be the first in our family to attend. This program will help ensure I reach these goals I have set for myself.

Attending the NYLF Medicine Program can give me a great head start in working within the health profession. I will have a real college experience, will mature as a person, and will have real life work experience under my belt. This program is the complete package, and I know it will make a huge difference in my development, helping me get that much closer to working in the medical field.

A Note from Mr. Brown, Luisanny's Teacher

Luisanny will be the first in her family to attend college - a remarkable accomplishment. Exposure to college and living conditions will greatly benefit Luisanny and her potential for success in post-secondary education. Luisanny is an amazing student and human being. She is an effective team member and provides essential support to her peers. She is detailed-orientated, responsible, and embodies strong morals and work ethics. She is excellent candidate for the biomedical summer program.

Campaign Activity
Luisanny posted an update
May 2
NYLF medicine future experience

I am very exited to be given the opportunity to attend this program in the summer. I am looking forward to the new learning abilities and knowledge. This summer I am ready to discover if medicine is really the career path that I will aspire and succeed in.

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Good luck beautiful!

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Good luck! Love you!

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