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Urban Assembly School for Careers in Sports
New York City, New York
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Mohamed's Story

My passion is soccer. I believe that I discovered my passion as a result of where I was and who I was around. Living in Guinea, I would wake up to people playing soccer. As I went to sleep, they were still playing. These people, my family, friends, and neighbors, devoted so much of there time playing soccer. Seeing this everyday, I wanted to do the same. So I did. I played soccer everyday since then, and I still has the best feeling doing it. Once you enjoy something that much, it is your passion.

Having a passion for something is great as it is. However, being able to take that talent to the next level has always been the goal for me. I hope to improve everyday at something that I love and play soccer at a higher stage. US Sports Nike Soccer Camp will help me pursue my passion for soccer by helping me improve in ways that will allow me to compete with the best.

A Note from Ms. Torres, Mohamed's Mentor

Mohamed is a reliable and disciplined team-player; he has a distinct passion for soccer that motivates him to excel in life. At US Sports Nike Soccer Camp, Mohamed will inevitably improve his overall athletic skills that will open doors for a potential sport scholarship. Moreover, Mohamed will network with experienced coaches who can assist him with athletic guidance and who I am certain will emphasize the importance of maintaining respectable grades.

Mohamed's parents have taught him the value of an education. He takes no moment for granted. Mohamed, at such a young age, understands the importance of hard work, perseverance, and being committed to his academics and sportsmanship. He knows how to balance being a student-athlete; meeting expectations in the classroom and on the soccer field. Regardless of the obstacles that might present themselves, Mohamed continues to strive for excellence and learns from life's challenges.

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