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Fine Arts
Hamden High School
Hamden, Connecticut
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Isabella's Story

My passions are dance and music. I have always enjoyed singing and music. By listening to songs or hearing a heart wrenching musical composition my emotions and feelings are expressed in a way that words are not. I sang in The United Girls Choir for years and being able to harmonize and sing in unity with other girls was inspiring. At school, I would like to join a choir. I started ballet at a later age than most girls but, I wanted to do something athletic that would challenge me. Though I started late, I worked unbelievably hard and therefore moved up many levels. I am now on point shoes. Though I have only done ballet for a little over a year I am a graceful dancer and, apply myself well to everything I do. Ballet replaced choir and, it killed me to not have a musical outlet anymore. I would love to challenge myself musically.

Attending Appel Farm Arts Camp can help me discover my own individual voice. It would be wonderful to learn what I am doing well and wrong, and how I can improve. Though I have always sung together with others, I relish the opportunity of growing personally as a singer. I am constantly singing and cannot survive without music, and to be able to have the chance to bond with others who have the same interests as me, learn, and have fun at Appel Farm Arts Camp would be thoroughly outstanding. This camp provides the majority of all of my passions like singing, dance, acting, and photography. Fear sometimes holds me back from pursuing my talents but, having people to encourage and help me would make me more aware of the gifts I possess. In these ways, Appel Farm Arts Camp can help me reach my full potential and, pursue singing.

A Note from Ms. Donovan, Isabella's Teacher

Isabella is a self-driven learner who takes advantage and appreciates all that is offered to her. Even on a half day when class periods are short and we don't accomplish an entire less, Isabella always makes an effort to explore something a little further and always thanks me before leaving the classroom. She is so open to the opinions of others and seems to just want to learn, explore, connect, and indulge in creativity. Her appreciation of learning is inspiring and I think that the Appel Farm Arts Camp would be a great place where she can foster this natural drive.

Isabella is always wanting to discuss deeper, more complex themes in literature. This is evident in both her writing and her contribution to class discussions. I often feel as though Isabella is ready to take class discussions to "the next level" and always does so gracefully by posing questions based in critical thinking and connecting her thoughts to those expressed by classmates. She is a part of a very discussion-heavy English class, but I always get the sense she could continue the conversation at a much greater length. Her tenacity in posing questions and contributing her interpretations of texts is unwavering.

Campaign Activity
Isabella posted an update
August 16
Camp Update

Thank you all for making it possible for me to go to camp this summer! It was such a wonderful experience consisting of friend making, talent building, and fun partaking. As the next school year begins, I look back at camp as the hi-light of my summer. Thank you all again, so much.

Isabella posted an update
May 29
Excited for Appel Arts Camp!

I am thrilled for my summer at Appel Arts Camp! My parents will be driving me to camp, and packing will be exciting and no problem for me at all. Thank you so much for making this opportunity possible for me!

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