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Liberal Arts
Uncommon Charter High School
New York City, New York
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Ashley's Story

My passion is business. I discovered my passion for business when I was very young. My mother bought me one of the most memorable childhood toy sets I had; I could pretend to be the cashier and manage myself. My love for selling only grew stronger because growing up I had to sell chocolates to support my church. Soon, I became the church's top seller. Later, I decided to start making things and selling them. One summer in the Dominican Republic, I learned how to make headbands, rings, bracelets, etc and I would sell them to my friends. It was amazing to see how I could turn my handiwork into rewards all by myself. I always believed that business can be used for good. I'm a member of the Youth Activist Club at my school where I come up with ideas to fund raise for people in need and execute them in an efficient way. I hope to continue to learn more about business at the Blueprint Summer at Lehigh.

A Note from Ms. Palumbo, Ashley's Teacher

Ashley is incredibly passionate about business. She knows so much at such a young age, and she has a drive and hunger to learn more about this specific field. I remember being on a college trip with her to Boston College, and she had incredible questions about the business offerings and internships they offer which really caught the attention of the admissions representative. In addition, I think Ashley's perspective as a strong intellectual young Latina woman makes her an absolutely wonderful addition to any campus, program, or group - her perspectives and character are formed through hard work, dedication, and overcoming obstacles, and she will enrich any discussion she's part of.

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Success! Ms. Palumbo helped Ashley raise $2,599
April 11
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April 11

Congratulations from the Opportunity Network on your admission to Lehigh's summer business program!

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I love you ❤️❤️

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Ashey Dios te bendiga siempre y te conceda todo lo que tu corazon desea.

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Love you ashley

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I hope you get this amazing opportunity, Ashley! The world is yours.

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I wish nothing less than the whole world for you, Ashley!

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