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Fordham High School for the Arts
New York, NY
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Uriel's Story

My passion is business.

I discovered my passion for business by helping people in need, and looking for ways to improve my community. It started by helping out in programs. These are 5 different programs that I was involved in to help more students get involved who want to go to college. In addition, I joined in helping out in the district 15 Participatory Budgeting with the District Director in the Bronx. In the Community Budgeting Meeting we were making decisions on what we need to do to improve our community. This included public housing, transportation to school, education and more. My job is to go around and see if the schools are in need of anything educational or in need special funding. Helping out people is my joy and my pleasure.

A Note from Ms. Goodson, Uriel's Teacher

Uriel is an apprentice in a college advisory program at my school called OneGoal. I have had the pleasure of working with him as his college advisor these last four months but have seen him shine in so many capacities at our school over the years. He comes from a family with strong values and prides himself in taking care of his family and his community. Uriel works tirelessly with various organizations within our school and the surrounding community. He juggles his course work and familial obligations while pursuing opportunities to help those in need. Uriel has a passion for public service and seeks the training necessary in the business field to retain skills in business management and finance. He seeks out opportunities on his own, without prompting, working with administration and parents in our building and neighboring political affiliations in his district to meet budgetary needs. The work he participates in is solely voluntary. Uriel is genuine in his selflessness and decisive in his want for growth in his community.

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Uriel posted an update
May 5
By this route my dream are coming true.

I used to read a book of SUNY Universities, that had a part of a university called Fashion Industry of Technology, and ever since I read it I've always wished I could take classes. Also to experience it for myself other than just reading about it in a book. It was never an option for me until I learned about Wishbone, and help from my adviser at school. This door had given me a opportunity look further in my career.

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Trust Ms Goodson's encouragement

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I love bro I know you can do this.

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