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Azja's Story

Azja has to fall asleep to the sounds of gunshots and sirens but she’s determined to make her own music in life. She wants to become a music teacher, helping disadvantaged kids transcend their struggles through art. Her next step is the Cazadero Music Camp.

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Azja posted an update
January 2
My experience at Cazadero Music Camp

During my time at Cazadero Music Camp, I learned how to accompany an instrument and play duets. I usually play solo in piano and being at Cazadero taught me how to play well with other instruments. I had the extraordinary experience of playing a duet with a French Horn!  It sounded so beautiful and it was something fun and exciting for me. It was a unique opportunity and I had a great time sharing music with another musician. I also felt very accomplished once I performed the duet at the concert. I learned how to play with other musicians and I also enhanced my own personal skill. 
Through this experience, I acquired better sight-reading skills and a better ear for rhythm. I learned how to make sure my partner and I were on the right track and always playing together. It was a great learning experience and I had the chance to try something new as a pianist!            Attending Cazadero definitely made me have no doubts of my passion for music. Before the camp, I wanted to pursue music as a career, and now I am even more determined than before. I am now more motivated to practice and become the best I can be. Thank you for helping me have this amazing experience!

Success! Azja's campaign raised $1,790
February 4
Paul Roy donated $55
February 4
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February 2
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January 31
Lisa Pritchett donated $50
January 25

How can I resist donating to a young lady from my hometown who wants to go to Cazadero this summer?! So many memories -- such a wonderful opportunity! Keep shooting for the stars, and I hope you meet your goal.

Anonymous donated $50
November 19
Maria Keys donated $25
July 10

Cazadero is a magical place! Pursuing your study of the piano and music will not only enrich your life but those around you who will listen and enjoy your creativity. Stay focused and enjoy!

Anonymous donated $10
July 9