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Performing Arts
Hill Regional Career High School
New Haven, CT
Successfully funded on May 1st, 2017!
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Arkaysee's Story

My passion is singing.

Ever since I was little, I always had a passion for singing. I was afraid to sing in front of anyone even my own mother. I was petrified that if anyone heard me sing, they would judge me immediately. One day, my mom told me "Why waste your talent singing in your room when you could share it with the world?" I never understood this question until I came to Career High School. I decided I should try out for the singing group here. I was very nervous, but then I remembered my mom's question. Every time I sing, I feel free and it feels like I can do anything. I knew singing is what I wanted to do all along.

A Note from Ms. Corcoran, Arkaysee's Counselor

Arkaysee talks in her application about her wish to bring joy to people. I assure the application committee that she has already met her goal, and I expect that she will continue to do so in any avenue of life she chooses to follow. To allow her the opportunity to follow her passion, all the while focusing on her second dream during the school year of becoming a nurse, would be such a blessing to her. She is currently a member of the school's signing group, unfortunately opportunities to become involved in the arts at school are limited as so much of the focus is placed on health sciences. I would love to see her have as many opportunities to explore her dream of singing on a larger stage. The world awaits her beautiful voice.

Campaign Activity
Arkaysee posted an update
May 4
US Preforming Arts Musical Theater

I'm overly excited to be attending to attend US Preforming Arts Musical Theater in Massachusetts. I feel like with this program I will be even more confident with singing in public. My High-School doesn't really have an "Arts" Program, so with this program, it should help. I am looking forward to stepping outside my comfort zone and being a little far away from home. I am also looking forward to meeting new people and hearing there stories on how they got there.

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