Gerardo has applied to attend US Sports Nike Soccer Camps this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Oakland Military Institute College Preparatory
Oakland, CA
Successfully funded on April 19th, 2016!
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Gerardo's Story

My passion is family and soccer..

I discovered this passion by paying attention to my family and appreciating them for everything they did for me. The minor things they can do sometimes results in lasting memories. I discovered my passion for soccer when I play the game and when I'm done, I just can't get enough. The higher the level the more inspired I am to get better. When I watch a soccer game I can feel the passion for every shot, play, and of course goals. These two things are the motivators for my life.

Attending Nike Soccer Camp will definitely open me the doors to a better soccer career and will show me if I am up to the challenge to become a professional soccer player. It can show me the lives and the trainings that professionals have on a daily basis. I can become a better player by learning new moves and getting more physical endurance. This camp will help me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Every training session I will give my best to get out the best of me on the pitch.

A big obstacle in my life has been myself when talking in soccer terms. I know I can give more and that is why coaches didn't accept me in an important soccer program. The way that I am preparing myself is training harder each time and thinking twice if I don't fell like going to practice by myself. I do extra trainings at home and if I know I have an important soccer occasion I will work extra hard to be better prepared for it. Next time I have a chance, it won't escape so easily.

A Note from Ms. Le, Gerardo's Counselor

To improve his soccer skills, Gerardo plays on our school's soccer team. He practices daily and doesn't care where he plays. He doesn't need a field to do improve his skills. All Gerardo needs is his soccer ball.

Despite coming from a low-income and disadvantaged background, Gerardo has excelled academically. In addition to having a dream of going to a four-year college after high school, Gerardo has a dream of being a great soccer player. By attending the Nike Soccer Camp, one of his wishes will be fulfilled. Gerardo is a dedicated student and I know he will be just as (if not more) dedicated to learning new skills at the Nike Soccer Camp as he has been in the classroom.

Campaign Activity
Gerardo posted an update
June 8
Thanks for the Opportunity

Right now knowing that another opportunity has opened up to me, with the cooperation of many good people, I am really excited and prepared for this opportunity. Just want to thank to those who helped me be able to participate in this camp.

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