Tya has applied to attend Duke Summer Academy for High School Students this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Liberal Arts
Achievement First Hartford Academy
Hartford, CT
Successfully funded on April 24th, 2017!
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Tya's Story

My passion is business.

I discovered my passion for business when I had to choose the career I wanted to have when I get older. I knew that I wanted to have a career that involved my favorite subject, math, so I decided to look up some careers that had to do with math. I decided to try something new, and go into business. I found financial analyst, which involves both math and business. This made me realize that I wanted to do this for my career. My passion for business grew from there.

Duke Summer Academy for High School Students will help me pursue my passion for business by taking a business class. The business class will teach me the fundamentals of a business, and give me more background information about financial analysts.

A Note from Mr. Dodds, Tya's Teacher

Tyá is the type of scholar that simultaneously pushes the scholars around her to achieve more and supports them in any way she can. Tyá's passion for learning and natural zest make her the ideal student. She is renown throughout our school for the constant instances in which she nearly spills from her chair when stretching as high as she possibly can to ask or answer a teachers question. Tyá is a textbook example of a life-long learner and I know this program would be an amazing chance for her to get her foot into the world of financial analyzing by giving her the tools to continue learning once she is back in Hartford.

Campaign Activity
Tya posted an update
May 5
My Decision

I chose to attend Duke Summer Academy for High School Students because I wanted to go into business. This summer program will help me learn the fundamentals of business, preparing me for the future when I get a job in business. I'm also looking forward to meeting to new people from different backgrounds! It's great to know different people. So once again, thank you so much for donating to my campaign! I really appreciate it.

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April 24
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April 24
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April 19

Good luck Tya! :)

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April 18

Your Mom told me to donate! Good Luck make us proud!
Uncle Ernie

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April 18

Your Mom told me to donate! Good Luck!!!!

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April 18

Best of luck Tya!

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April 17

Hope it's a great experience!

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April 15
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April 13

Have a wonderful summer! Be sure to have some fun along with all that work and studying!

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April 13

Pursue your passion with everything you've got. Stay creative, stay humble.

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April 13
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April 13
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March 29

My wife is from Hartford and went to Duke and really enjoyed her time there. Have a great experience and best of luck.

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March 23
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March 23
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March 22
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