Leslie has applied to attend US Sports Nike Volleyball Camps this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Valor Academy High School
Panorama, CA
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Leslie's Story

My passion is Volleyball.

The first time I discovered volleyball was in 7th grade. My middle school created a team and I just decided to join because I thought it will be fun. Once I got to high school it was a totally different situation. This season I made it to the varsity team and I felt as if I knew more about the sport. I had an awesome experience with my team and that made me be really passionate about the sport.

Attending Nike Volleyball Camp will help me because I will be with others who also love volleyball and we can learn different things from each other about the sport. Another reason the Nike Volleyball Camp will help me explore volleyball is by learning all of the skills that there are. It will be an honor learning the best of volleyball and pursuing more of what I love about volleyball.

A Note from Ms. Cervantes, Leslie's Counselor

"Leslie gives her absolute dedication to anything she puts her mind too and I know that this applies even more so to Volleyball because she has used this as an outlet to escape the stressors in her life. She is only a sophomore, but Leslie absolutely loves the sport and wants to become a better athlete. With the limitations in our athletic program, Leslie and students like her strive to be admitted into programs like these in order to help her grow as an individual as well as an athlete."

Campaign Activity
Leslie posted an update
July 27
Thank you!

I had such an amazing experience learning more about the sport that I love. I was able to better myself as a player and also as a teammate. I know more than I knew before and now I can take back what I know to my team and make us better as a whole. I made life long friends while at camp and it was something I wouldn't have been able to do without my family, friends, and you. Thank you all for the support - I greatly appreciate it.

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Leslie is an incredibly kind and hard-working student and I love to see her competitive side on the volleyball court! Go, Leslie!

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April 17
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April 7

I'm so proud of you, Leslie! :)

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April 6

I love you Leslie! Palm tree bikinis for life!

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April 6

Have fun I love you !

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April 6

Good luck and most of all have fun:))

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April 6

Good luck! Dream big.

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April 6
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January 29